Just in Time for Valentine’s Day, Acclaimed Author Candace Conradi Wraps Up Her Tweets in a Luscious Box of Simple Wisdom That Feeds the Heart and Eases the Mind – PR.com.

Sweet Tweets, 140 Characters of Wisdom returns us to a time when everything was hoped for and possible. To offer a complete thought in 140 characters is the closest thing in life to renewing our child-like wonder. Simple and concise, the messages remove us from a world that is complex and full of drama, offering short sentiments of wisdom and insight. Its great possibility is in its ability to inspire and perhaps reveal something deep within us that allows us to live more thoughtfully in our day-to-day life. It offers support and encouragement (and even permission) to reconsider how we view the world and the billions of people with whom we share it. In the end, regardless of our difference, the majority of us simply wish for the same thing: to be loved, honored, and to live a life of peace. Sweet Tweets, 140 Characters of Wisdom reminds us of this very simple truth.